DIY projects

Wood Bead Wreath

You Will Need:

3 packs of 1.5 inch doll heads (I got mine from Michaels)
14 inch quilting circle
florals of your choosing
hot glue

Once your hot glue gun is fired up and ready to go, you can begin…

  1. Leaving space at the bottom portion of the wreath, begin to glue the doll head around the quilting circle.
  2. Once all beads are in place, glue some of your greenery down towards the outside of the space left at the bottom of the wreath.
  3. Next, add the flowers. The fuller you can make it, the better. See the video below:

…and there you have it–a beautiful wreath made all by beautiful YOU!! Now to decide where to put it….

Sincerely, Sunny

Red, White & Blue Beaded Garland

You Will Need:

3 strands (12 beads per strand) of 25 mm wood beads
red acrylic paint
white acrylic paint
blue acrylic paint
twine string
sponge brushes

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