How to Successfully Survive Virtual Learning

Okay, so let’s face…virtual learning is tough for everyone involved (students, parents, and teachers). I have been on the receiving end of each role and worked to navigate virtual learning and teaching over the past year. This got me thinking…I should create a blog post with tips for each person involved in virtual learning toContinue reading “How to Successfully Survive Virtual Learning”

How to Start Your Own Book Club

Once upon a time about two years ago, I had a free night with no kids and no husband (I think the kids were off at friends’ houses and David was working), so I decided to go to a movie. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to a movie solo…but you should definitelyContinue reading “How to Start Your Own Book Club”

Patriotic Parfait Recipe

Happy 4th of July!! In case you missed this on my Instagram stories, I wanted to add this quick and simple recipe that’s a perfect edition to your patriotic celebration. You will Need: * 2 1/4 cups of milk* 2 packs of instant vanilla pudding mix (3.4 oz)* thinly sliced strawberries* pack of fresh blueberries*1Continue reading “Patriotic Parfait Recipe”

7 Beauty Products You Really Need in Your Life…(at least I do)

Being a woman is a hard job! Am I right ladies!? I mean…we have so much maintenance that goes along with being a woman. From skin care, hair care, makeup etc. there is a lot of money, time, and effort that goes into being us!! Today, I want to share with you some of theContinue reading “7 Beauty Products You Really Need in Your Life…(at least I do)”

Operation “Paint the Kitchen” Mode

Hi Friends,Whew! I have been painting… and painting… and painting! Which is why I’ve gone a week without a single blog post (ugh). My old lady back is pretty mad at me at the moment (really needing a massage about now–stupid COVID)! Lol, these days I blame everything on COVID-19. Anyways, I’ve always said thatContinue reading “Operation “Paint the Kitchen” Mode”

5 Simple Steps to an Organized Fridge

Some of you may be thinking, “This girl has way too much time on her hands!” I guess you could say that you’re right to an extent, but what better time to clean and organize than times like these! I mean, we’re still in quarantine (at least my household is until a COVID-19 vaccine surfaces).Continue reading “5 Simple Steps to an Organized Fridge”

DIY Floral Arrangement

We have the prettiest hydrangeas growing outside our bedroom window right now. That got me thinking… “I should cut some and make an arrangement or two.” And that’s just what I did! In this post, I’m going to share the process with you so that you can add some flowers to your home. You mayContinue reading “DIY Floral Arrangement”

Under pressure…

Let me just say, “Pressure washing is not for the faint of heart!” Yesterday I posted that I love pressure washing…well I take that back! After almost six total hours, a couple blisters, hurt toe, and aching back…I’ve decided that pressure washing is VERY HARD work! My hat’s off to those that do it forContinue reading “Under pressure…”