Operation “Paint the Kitchen” Mode

Hi Friends,
Whew! I have been painting… and painting… and painting! Which is why I’ve gone a week without a single blog post (ugh). My old lady back is pretty mad at me at the moment (really needing a massage about now–stupid COVID)! Lol, these days I blame everything on COVID-19.

Anyways, I’ve always said that once we got ready to paint our kitchen or living room that we would hire it out…but me and my inner “take charge” voice had a brilliant idea that I’d tackle it myself. After all…I was only going to paint the trim and small wall space. Most of our kitchen is cabinets, so I didn’t think it to be too big of a job. WRONG!! The wall space and trim wasn’t too bad, but once the walls and trim were painted, the cabinets stuck out like a sore thumb! Y’all knowing me…I HAD to paint them too! I mean just look at them:

They had like a yellowy look to them. So I set out to remove all the hardware and paint. Changing the color of our cabinets really brightened up our kitchen! I love the results!

Now that our cabinets are brightened…the back splash and counter tops are screaming at me for a change…but that’s gonna have to wait. The results of our kitchen (for now) have me feeling pretty satisfied. I especially love the accent color I chose for our pantry door! Check out the before and after:

In case any of you are wondering, that’s Sherwin Williams “peppercorn” color. My other favorite thing about the kitchen refresh is how we added faux shiplap along the side of our kitchen island. Check out this before and after:

To do faux shiplap you need:
*thin plywood cut into your desired widths (I used 4 inch widths here)
*sand paper
*nail gun

So we bought a $25 piece of plywood (that’s right..this project only cost $25), and I used a yardstick to draw out the lines I needed David to cut along. He cut up the strips of wood and sanded off the rough edges.

Next, we used a piece of the plywood to space out how they needed to be nailed along the wall of the island, and worked our way up. Thank GOD for his help in this project (large saws intimidate me)! See time-lapse video below (the breaks in the video were the times David had to go out and cut the parts to fit around the plug)…

Faux shiplap in action

So…I hope this explains why I’ve been MIA from the blog for the last week! Love the results, but boy am I glad it’s over! Hope you picked up something you liked or could use from today’s post! Have a fabulous day:)

Sincerely, Sunny

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