DIY Floral Arrangement

We have the prettiest hydrangeas growing outside our bedroom window right now.

That got me thinking… “I should cut some and make an arrangement or two.” And that’s just what I did! In this post, I’m going to share the process with you so that you can add some flowers to your home. You may even decide to give them to someone to brighten up their day!

The first thing you need to do is find a vase, pitcher, or even a mason jar that you would like to arrange the flowers in. I chose to use this pitcher that I saved from a bouquet that I received awhile back from David.

Next, you want to bring a pair of garden scissors (or really any scissors that are sharp enough to cut stems) with you to choose and cut your flowers. I point out in a video tutorial here: that when you’re cutting your flowers, you want to make sure that you’re cutting them almost longer than you might need so that you can trim then down to the needed size when you begin adding them to your vase.

Once you have your desired amount of flowers (the more the better), you’re ready to create your floral arrangement.

Next you’ll want to pick off the leaves on your flowers that will be down in the water and might crowd up your vase. I like to leave some of the leaves toward the top of the flowers to add greenery to the arrangement. Another tip that I recommend is to vary your flowers in length to give your arrangement depth and various height levels in the flowers. This will create a fuller look for the arrangement.

Once all your flowers are in your vase and you’re happy with the arrangement, you have a beautiful floral arrangement!

Now I have to find the perfect place for them! They usually last for a good week before I have to replace them.

Funny story…I was telling Sophie that I was going to make her friend’s mom a little bouquet because she’s always having her over to their house and is so sweet to her. She wanted to know where I got them from and when I told her I cut them down out of the backyard, she was like, “Oh…I thought they were fake!” Lol…I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

Well, I’m on to the next project…decided to paint the kitchen walls and trim this upcoming week. Stay tuned for the updates. Thanks for reading! Bye for now…

Sincerely Sunny

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